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Assortment of 4 tubes:

Quinacridone carmine :PR202

Podery rose :PW6:1 + PR122

Sap green: PY139 + PG36

Isaro orange : P061 + PR206 + PBR23


Un bleu à la teinte unique et légèrement iridescent. Il ravira les aquarellistes qui apprécient les effets et la granulation.

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Set Happy Creative Year consisting of 3 limited edition colors.
Available from November 20 to December 20.
The three shades are very specific and are designed to bring a touch of originality to your works.
Mindy green : Py139 + Pg7 + Perlescent
Boreal blue: Pb29 + Perlescent
Tropical dream - Tropical dream: Pb29 + PG7 + Perlescent
The three shades form subtle blends and very interesting granulation effects.