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The box "Pour Commencer 2" (Starter kit 2)  is composed of 10 watercolors

This assortment completes the "Pour Commencer 1" box by offering you a harmonious and balanced palette.

Colors included in this box:

Yellow ocher PY42
Dark Pyrrole Red PR264
Isaro Pyrrole Red PR254
Rose Isaro PR122
Isaro purple PV19
Cerulean Blue PB35
Olive Green PY35 + PG7 + Pr122
Sepia Pbk6 + PR101 + PY42
Payne gray Pbk11 + PB29
Smoke black Pbk6

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The Box "Pour Commencer 1" (To Start 1) is composed of 10 watercolors.

This set will allow you to get a very extensive range of colors by mixing them.

Colours included in the box are:

Ligth Isaro Yellow Py154

Yellow Safran PY110

Yellow Chartreuse PY129

Rouge Scarlett PR255

Magenta PV19

Blue Phthalo PB15

Prussian Blue PB27

Ultramarine Blue PB29

Phthalo Green PG7

Burnt Sienna Pbr7

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The ManùBox # 2 is a selection of 10 Isaro colors. 7ML packaging.

Thanks to videos from Manù you can discover how to take full advantage of this set.

the box includes the following colors:

Titanium White

Indian yellow - (Can be replaced by saffron yellow) *

English Red

Dark Cadmium Red (If you prefer transparent colors you can choose dark pyrrole red instead) *

Dark Isaro purple (You can also choose a phthalo blue if you prefer to widen the range of your primaries) *

Rose Isaro

Indanthrene Blue

Cobalt blue

Satin Blue

Turquoise green

* Each artist has his preferences, so you have the possibility of modifying three shades of this box so that it corresponds as well as possible to the tutorials that you will follow with Manù.

  • Online only
  • On sale!

The ManùBox # 1 is a selection of 10 Isaro colors.

Thanks to videos from Manù you can discover how to take full advantage of this set.

the box includes the following colors:

Isaro Light Yellow

Chartreuse Yellow

Scarlett Red

Orange Iron Oxide

Yellow Ochre

Van Dijck Brown

Cerulean Blue

Ultramarine Blue

Prussian Blue

Indigo Blue

Link to discover the Manù didactic videos concerning the colors of the ManùBox:

Video 1: Some basic notions - Exercises on mixtures - Primary colors

Video 2: Realization of a sunset on the sanguinary islands (Corsica). Simple and therefore accessible to beginners.


Set of 12 colours

Presentation cardboard box

Light Isaro Yellow PY154

Safran Yellow PY110

Chartreuse Yellow PY129

Red Scarlett PR255

Red Pyrrole Deep PR264

Magenta PV19

Prussian Blue PB27

Ultramarine Blue PB28

Phthalo Blue PB15:3

Ceruleum Blue PB35

Burnt Sienna Pbr7

Smoke Black PBK6

  • Online only

Boxes with 10 colours:

Chartreuse yellow-PY129

Isaro yellow light-PY154

Perylene red-PR179

Isaro pink-PR122

Scarlett red-PR255

Mars red-PR101

Bleu phtalo-PB15

Indanthrene blue-PB60

Stel blue-PBr7 + PB29 + MIca

Isaro green light-PY35-PG7