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  • Colors: black
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This black can be useful for certain mixtures. For example, by combining it with ultramarine blue to obtain Payne gray or mauve iron oxide or Venice red to obtain Van Dijck brown, if we add a little ocher we obtain the sepia color.

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Very beautiful green tone less dynamic than phthalo green. The emerald green is bluish.


Green useful for landscapes in particular. Maybe nuanced with phthalo green or yellows.


Very beautiful green, turning blue. When mixed with phthalo blue, it gives a very nice range of turquoises. With the yellows to obtain a very wide range of greens. With the earths of earthy greens and with the burnt umber a dark green.

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Bright and vivid green that can also be created on the palette by mixing using phthalo green PG7 or phthalo green yellow shade PG36; To the latter, lemon cadmium yellow or light cadmium yellow is added or, if it is desired to retain more transparency, light Isaro yellow PY154.


Based on blue and phthalo green, this turquoise is nuanced at will with blue or green.