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  • Mono-pigmented:: Yes
  • Colors: Metallic
  • Colors: green
  • Colors: pink

Magnificent bright color. Indispensable in many mixtures and in particular to compose, with the blues, a large number of mauves.

With the reds it makes it possible to obtain "cherry red" or "raspberry red" tones.

In my opinion, it is one of the very useful colors on a palette.

Product available with different options

Very beautiful green, turning blue. When mixed with phthalo blue, it gives a very nice range of turquoises. With the yellows to obtain a very wide range of greens. With the earths of earthy greens and with the burnt umber a dark green.


A very discreet and interesting pink especially to bring softness to certain floral compositions.


Very beautiful green tone less dynamic than phthalo green. The emerald green is bluish.


Golden color, to be used for certain highlights.