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The base of this color is a silver gray.

The addition of a silver pearlescent pigment strengthens the silvery note of the shade and brings to mind a pewter gray.


This color is one of the metallic colors that I created to give a little fantasy to the palette of artists who want it.


Magnificent bright color. Indispensable in many mixtures and in particular to compose, with the blues, a large number of mauves.

With the reds it makes it possible to obtain "cherry red" or "raspberry red" tones.

In my opinion, it is one of the very useful colors on a palette.


Golden color, to be used for certain highlights.


The base of this color is a very soft blue. Diluted well, this color gives a bluish white ideal for painting snow for example.


This red is part of the range of metallic colors. Like all the metallic colors that I have created, its nuance is singular.